BITPLAY Wander Pack 全境旅行背包 Travel Pack 24L (訂貨7-10天 )




Product Details

bitplay Wander Pack 24L is a versatile and durable backpack designed for a variety of travel and outdoor activities. It features a lightweight design, weatherproofing, tear resistance, multiple compartments, an anti-theft design, and AirMesh fabric. Ideal for both urban commuting and outdoor excursions and adventures.



bitplay  因應以上外出會遇到的困擾,推出專為旅行設計的 WanderPack輕量旅行系列,解決外出會遇到的永恆煩惱。超輕量 x 多隔間 x 防潑水 的三大特點,配合隱私防盜的細節設計,加上減壓背負與AirMesh透氣網格,三種包款+配件皆能隨心組合撘配,不論出國旅行、戶外活動、每日通勤,都能找到最適合的包袋,背了就出發!



專為旅行設計,採用專業戶外等級面料,超輕量 x 多隔層 x 防潑水, 出國旅行、戶外活動、每日通勤,背了就出發!


Wander Pack 24L

- Color:Black
- Size:H45 x W27 X D13.5 cm
- Weight:750g(±10%)
-Maximum Load:10kg
- Outer Material:
210D Nylon Ripstop
210D UHMWPE Ripstop
- Zipper:Water-Repellent Zipper

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